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Hotel Zadov and Churáňov

Application form for knights who will not be accommodated with us, but want to participate in the program.

The program of the conference has not yet been officially determined, but we assume that on Friday 7.6. there will be an official welcome of all guests and a gala dinner. On Saturday 8.6. there will be a royal ride.

Choose the number of days you want to spend with us.
We'll leave it up to you when you arrive.
The price includes dinner or dinners and a welcome package that will be waiting for you at the Zadov hotel reception.


Cancel fees:

Until 29.2.2024 - no cancellation fee.
From 1.3.2024 - 30.4.2024 no cancellation fee, only the price for the ordered items.
From 1.5.2024 - 50% of the price + total price for ordered items.

In the event of a cancellation, someone else can pick up the items you ordered, or we can arrange to send them to you, with an additional charge for shipping.

1. Choose a room